All Aol account which are not in use for more than 1 year are at risk of deactivation.

Accounts which are not in using got deleted from Aol server and these types of account are nearly impossible to recover.

Change or Reset your Aol account Password?

If you don’t remember your Aol e-mail id click here and to reset the password of your account follow the steps to recover your account.

Reset your Aol password

To reset your Aol email id all you need is your email id, phone number that you used when you used when you created the account, or the recovery e-mail that you used when you created your Aolaccount or E-mail id.

There are few very simple steps to reset your Aol account password 

  • Click here for login page.
  • Type your E-mail id or your phone number registered with Aol.
  • Click on Continue
  • If you are redirected to CAPTCHA form fill that.
  • You might receive notification on your phone or on the app now you need to click on yes.

                 Or it will ask for your register mobile number.

  • If you don’t have access of the phone number it is showing you than you need to click on I don’t have    access.
  • After typing your register mobile number you will get a code on your register mobile number.
  • You need to type that code in the box.
  • Now you will get a page which will ask you for new password and conform password.
  • Now click on ok or Continue and then login to your account with your new password.

There are some common issues that users face with their Aol Account

  • Aol E-mail Login error
  • Aol E-mail sending issue
  • Aol E-mail Configuration error
  • Aol E-mail Password  not working
  • Recovering your hacked E-mail account
  • E-mail password changing or resetting  Issue
  • Not able to do attachment into composing e-mail
  • Aol messenger error in I phone,  or any other device

How to recover your Aol account with security question

  • Click here for login page
  • Enter your Aol E-mail id or the phone no register with Aol then click on Continue

If the phone number showing on that page is not yours click on I don’t have access

Now you will see a recovery E-mail address there

  • If you can access the recovery e-mail click on yes
  • You will receive an e-mail from Aol
  • You will find a link in that e-mail click on that
  • Once you will click on that link you will be redirected to a new page
  • Now you will be asked for verification code and then you need to click on continue

NOTE: –   IF you don’t remember the security question or you don’t have access of the phone number or the recovery e-mail id there is no way to recover your Aol account than. Now you are not the owner of the e-mail id that you had created.

Steps you need to follow if you forgot your Aol account password

  • Visit the Aol login page
  • Enter your E-mail id or phone number
  • Click on continue
  • You will find your register phone number there
  • Or click on I don’t have access of that
  • You will find recovery e-mail id there if you entered when you created your account
  • You will get a code on your register phone number or on your register e-mail id
  • Type that code and then click on continue
  • Now type your new password and conform that
  • Now you can login into your Aol account

Get Aol support phone number with our expert team
Aol is one of the oldest email service provider and is also number one choice of various customers using it worldwide it is as simple that a simple school going child or a granny or a tech savvy person they use Aol and is easy to use because of its interface. The use of email in 21st century is as common as using a phone you can access your email from your pc from your phone or from computer library.
These days e-mails are not only used by professionals but normal people used e-mails too for their normal purpose for exchange thoughts, photos, bill, and many more things people use to get their bills on their e-mail id and is also used to create social network accounts such as Facebook, twitter, and more these days e-mails play a very important role in our day to day life.

Getting error message (E-mail id or Password not working)

If you are trying to login into your aol account and keep getting error message such as invalid password or invalid email id  so it might be a chance that you might have changed the password in past and you don’t remember or might be need to check Caps lock and numb lock key

The reason you might be facing this issue is because the password you are entering is different from the password that you had typed once you created the account or you had changed the password you cannot use the old password or password in other cases such as if the first alphabet in your password is in upper case then you need to enter that first alphabet in upper case. You need to check the password before

There might be a chance that you had already saved your password once you had login before or the time once you created your account you need to check in auto-fill settings so that if your password is there you can check and fill it if you don’tremember

If you are entering the right password and you are sure about it this could be a chance that someone have access of your account and might be changed the password. What do you need to do is to change the password of your account as soon as possible by clicking on forgot password and then you need click on forgot password or on not able sign in and now you need to follow the steps so that you can gain the access back you your account. If in case you are not able to do that contact us so that we can help you to get your account back

Frequently asked question from Aol account users who are not able to login

Question: – I don’t have access to any to my phone number or the recovery e-mail id which is there registered with my account

Answer: – If you don’t have access to the phone no or recovery e-mail id you can reset your account with the help of security question that you filled when you created your account

Question: – I am not able to send or receive any e-mail on my Aol account

 Answer: – There might be a chance that the configuration of your Aol account is changed or deleted go to settings and click on reset to default

Question: – I am not able to attach file or folder when I am composing my e-mail

Answer:- The reason you are not able to attach the file or folder is because the size of that file and folder might be more than the size which is normal  

Question: – I have my Aol account login in my pc but not able to login the same account to my phone

Answer:- The reason you are not able to login into the other devices is because you might be putting wrong e-mail id or password

Question: – I remember the password of my Aol account but I am not able to login into my account

Answer:- please check Caps lock key or numb lock key it might be you had entered the password in lower case or upper case